Board of Directors

GVAC Board of Directors 2017

President: Justin Sarns
Vice President: Chris Carpenter
Treasurer: Deb Hosteter
Recording Secretary: John Yost
Corresponding Secretary: Eric Maxson
Sergeant at Arms: Randy Morris
Member at Large: Mike Monje
Member at Large: Ben Van Dinther
Member at Large: Ken Zeedyk
Member at Large: Rebecca Hernandez
Member at Large: Andrew Kalafut
Member at Large: Kevin Hightower

Committee Chairpersons

Membership & Public Relations: Deb Hosteter
Auction Chair: John Yost
Swap Meet: Mike Monje, Eric Maxson
Breeders Award Program: Tom Siegfried, Kevin Hightower
Horticulturalist Awards Program: Deb Hosteter, Ben VanDinther, & Brian Miller
C.A.R.E.S. Liason: John Yost & Kevin Hightower
Program Director: Chris Carpenter
Website Administrator & Newsletter Editor:  Shealyn Sarns
Raffle: Eric Maxson

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2017 Board Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2017
March 5, 2017
May 13, 2017
July 8, 2017
September 2017

2016 Board Meeting Minutes

February 7, 2016