ALA 2018 Convention

2018 American Livebearer Association Convention

May 4-6, 2018   |   Crowne Plaza   |   Grand Rapids, MI


GVAC is hosting the 2018 ALA Convention, May 4-6, 2018 in Grand Rapids! If you have never been to an ALA convention before, you're in for a treat! GVAC last hosted the convention in 2013.

The weekend starts out Friday with the opportunity to join us on a local collecting trip to observe native Michigan fish found in our steams as well as a local shop hop, fish room and breweries tour. Saturday we are bringing in speakers from all over, including a few GVAC members, to talk about livebearing fishes, aquariums, and more. Sunday is the biggest livebearer-only auction you will find, with many rare livebearer fishes!

Saturday night we are hosting a catered banquet where we are featuring Cory McElroy as our banquet speaker! Cory gave a great talk at a GVAC meeting in 2017, this is a great chance to hear him speak again or see one of his talks if you missed him in 2017. Cory will also be one of our convention speakers outside of the banquet, along with GVAC members Ben Van Dinther and Pat Hartman. See the full list of speakers here. The banquet is also a great time to meet and chat with other hobbyists.

Other events for the weekend include room sales, vendor's room, hospitality room and Sunday's livebearer-only auction.

This is a great opportunity for GVAC members to learn all about livebearing fish, buy new species at the auction and meet other fish keepers and breeders and is conveniently local for us! We highly encourage members to register and come check it out, whether you are a beginner or advanced hobbyist, you never know what you will learn!

Important Links

Check out the website we have set up for this year's ALA convention:

Take a look at our speakers list. Also, keep updated on new speaker announcements and other updates via our Facebook page.

Most importantly, Register here